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 The Top 5 Poker Troublemakers

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New Member
New Member

Messages : 36
Age : 24

PostSubject: The Top 5 Poker Troublemakers   Mon Mar 05, 2012 3:07 pm

5. Mike Matusow
When your nickname is "The Mouth", you are always going to make it into a list like this. Mike just cannot keep his thoughts to himself and has been caught feuding both at the table and away from it. At the tables, Phil Hellmuth, Greg Raymer and most notably Shahram Sheikkan have felt his wrath. Away from the tables, he has taken shots at the likes of Phil Ivey and even his own brother Scott.

4. Luke Schwartz
In 2009 a new screen name appeared at the high stakes tables on Full Tilt Poker that really got the railbirds talking. "_FullFlush1_" was getting all the chips at the time, but what really caused a stir was how relentless he was in the chat box. His rants against players like durrrr, Jason Rosenkrantz, and the Dang brothers got his chat privileges taken away from him, but it was not long before he became a high profile figure on the TV circuit, and we learned he was not afraid to speak his mind in person either.

3. Phil Hellmuth
He may be the most decorated player in WSOP history, but it his manner at the tables that really defines Phil Hellmuth. They call him the Poker Brat because he is constantly blowing up and feuding with anybody that dares play against him. The angrier he gets, the more we love it.

2. Tony G
Another player whose reputation for trash talking seems to overshadow his achievements at the table. His angry tirades in WPT Paris and against Ralph Perry put Tony G on the map, but the reason he edges into the second spot past Hellmuth (who he regularly takes shots at) is because Tony also starts feuds away from the table. Recently, Tony has been seen calling out Howard Lederer, and stirring up lots of trouble on his twitter account.

1. Daniel Negreanu
He is the perfect gent at the tables, but away from them Daniel Negreanu does not keep a tight lip for long. Kid Poker has used his fan favourite status to set himself up as a Robin Hood of poker, and calling out anyone he thinks is hurting the game.

He is always voicing his opinion on other players and doesn't pull punches - he even boycotted the EPT once, despite it being the tour of his sponsor, PokerStars. But he is perhaps best known for his feuds with the Lederer family. He has called out companies associated with them: Ultimate Bet, the Epic Poker League, and Full Tilt Poker. Also, he has fallen out with them personally - his long-running feud with Annie Duke possibly being the biggest rivalry in poker.

Right now, he is winning even more fans with his weekly Vlog rants - and he promises next week's will be EPIC.

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New Member
New Member

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PostSubject: Re: The Top 5 Poker Troublemakers   Tue May 08, 2012 5:24 pm

idea you got this peg just right...love it!!
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The Top 5 Poker Troublemakers
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