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 am I being unreasonable

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Regular Member
Regular Member

Messages : 192
Age : 49

PostSubject: am I being unreasonable   Sat Sep 18, 2010 4:18 am

I'll probably get told to take a running jump, but I have been complaing for days to Genting about loosing conection, and I have loaded three differnt PCs in to differnt locations to still be told I am at fault... in the end I missed a tourney that was the last of the series seemed realy easy running thou to the supersat tomorrow

I'm determined to be in Solivia sippin cocktails in threeweeks lololol...but not willing to pay the 150 euro buyin as I feel I would have got to the supersat the game I missed was 4 runners (and I was sat out so three) and yesterday was the weekly 4 runners and 2 seats to tommorw (and every player I had played a few times before was an average freeroller

Read from the bottom............OK so no "sorry yes paul you were right" :0) after days of complaining and being told I was at fault and repeatedly telling you the steps I had taken to prove it wasn’t me..... I have missed out on a crucial satellite that is not repeated so I cant simply just buy in to the next one instead I don't want a refund I would like a ticket into the Med Deepstack tomorrow I realize that it is impossible to say I definitely would have qualifiers up to now but I have played all the qualifiers and beat them all quite a few times, I feel the only real challenge is tomorrows Supersat... so can I have a ticket to that instead?

-----Original Message-----
From: Support | Genting Poker [mailto:support@gentingpoker.com]
Sent: 17 September 2010 18:15
To: paul@@@@.com
Subject: RE: Message from Genting Poker - Ticket Number: #1241828

Dear Paul,

This is Ben from the Genting Poker Support Team.

Our findings show that the error you have encountered in tournament Med Deep Stack Daily (466883831) was caused by a server side issue.

A refund of €11 will be processed shortly.

Have a nice day.
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Regular Member
Regular Member

Messages : 179
Age : 48

PostSubject: Re: am I being unreasonable   Sat Sep 18, 2010 6:20 am

Wow Paul, you're like David for us, you defeated Goliath.
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am I being unreasonable
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